Month: February 2016

Compounding Pharmacy Vs Regular Pharmacy

download (3)In America, there are two main types of pharmacy; compounding pharmacy and regular pharmacy. There are some very important differences between these two types of pharmacy, which will be explained in the article below. You can choose which type of pharmacy would be better for you based on this information.

Compounding Pharmacy

This type of pharmacy has been around for decades, but it is only just starting to become more popular again. For centuries, most pharmacies were compounding ones, but they almost disappeared with the advent of mass-produced medicines during the mid-twentieth century. They practice a safe type of “alternative medication”, where each user has their own medication mixed especially for them by a qualified expert, based on the advice of the diagnosing doctor. It is considered as alternative medication because customers are not forced to rely on the industry standard for their particular medication, and therefore they are more likely to get a drug which meets their specific needs. Being able to tailor the drugs in this way means that patient’s have a greater choice over the medication that they have to take, because it is less likely to be too strong or too weak for their particular condition. It also means that certain non-essential ingredients can be left out if necessary. This can be really useful for patients who cannot take standard medication because they are allergic to certain ingredients (such as gluten) which are commonly used.

Regular Pharmacy

Regular pharmacies sell mass-produced medication which has been created at a central factory. This medication will only be available in the standard sizes and standard doses, which have been created based on what is most commonly needed by patients. If you don’t fit into one of these categories, then you might not be able to find medication which is just right for your condition. However, regular pharmacies are usually less expensive than compounding ones are, because dispensing pre-prepared medication requires less skill. Therefore, these pharmacies give people access to medication that they may not be able to afford if they had to go to a compounding store. Regular pharmacies also tend to be quicker than compounding ones. Mixing unique medication to meet a specific recipe requires a lot of care and precision, and therefore it cannot be done instantly. If you are short on time, it is much easier to pop into a regular pharmacy and just choose a drug which is straight off of the shelves. This is a more suitable option for some people to take.


Benefits of Drinking Enough Water

download (2)Our bodies comprise of many different components, of all of the chemicals and elements that our body is comprised of though, one stands out above the rest H2O. We are of course talking about water, our bodies are approximately 60% water, this alone should stress the importance of staying hydrated, if we are 60% water it would stand to reason water is very important to the healthy function of our body.

Even though it is staring us in the face, many people around the world do not get enough water. Now we are not talking about the individuals that do not have access to clean water (they want to drink water it is just not available). We are talking about the people around the world for whom water is readily available, and yet they choose to drink unhealthy alternatives such as soft drinks.

Even drinks like Gatorade and PowerAde do not yield that many health benefits for the average person as water does. Sports drinks are packed full of electrolytes and performance enhancing nutrients that is true. They are also packed with preservatives and chemicals that our bodies don’t need, so unless you are an athlete (or have an illness) there is absolutely no reason to drink them. Everything that they provide is readily available from more natural sources and in quantities that make more sense for the average person. Leaving out all of the negative aspects.

We have put together a list of the various benefits of drinking water. Hopefully some of these will strike home and help you to realize you need more H2O in your life.

Fluid Balance – As stated we as humans are 60% water and we need to consume between 9-16 glasses of water a day to maintain a healthy fluid balance. This helps our body transport nutrients better as well as keeping us feeling better.

Calorie Control – Forget the latest diet fad, drinking a glass of water before every meal will help you feel full. This means you will likely consume less calories.

Muscle Fuel – When we exert physical force using our muscles they use the water that they normally store. Drinking enough water will help prevent cramping during a workout, and it will also limit the amount of muscle fatigue you feel later on.

Kidney Function – Our kidneys process 200 quarts of blood every single day. They filter out all the toxins that we take in. However, in order to remove those toxins from out body the kidneys need to be able to make use of water to transport the toxins to the bladder where we expel them.

Fatigue Relief – Set the coffee down, our bodies don’t “need” caffeine, it is a drug that tricks our body into feeling more awake and energetic. You don’t need it though, drinking enough water every day will give you the same feeling of alertness and energy.

Boosting the Immune System – This ties back into the first point we made. Our bodies are mostly water, so it would stand to reason the white blood cells that make up our bodies defense against illness need water to function at their best. Drinking enough water can be crucial to maintaining your health.


Why Losing Fat May Make You Look Fatter And How To Fix It

download (1)Why Losing Fat May Make You Look Fatter

I’ve seen this time and time again when people begin their fat loss journey. At some point while shedding the pounds, it is very possible that you may end up looking a bit flabbier than you previously did.

First off… DON’T PANIC!!

We’re going to talk about why this happens and what to do about it.

Why You Might Look Chubbier

A calorie deficit is king when it comes to fat loss. You MUST take in less calories than you burn to shed the unsightly fat.

This cannot be avoided.

However, when you are in a good calorie deficit, your muscles can also deplete their glycogen (Glycogen is essentially the carbohydrate fuel stored in your muscles for activity).

When your muscles are full of glycogen, you look more full and powerful.

When depleted of glycogen, your muscles can look flatter.

Think of it like filling a tire with air. The tire hasn’t lost material (muscle), it just has less air (glycogen).

Now this is crucial because when your muscles are depleted of glycogen due to your calorie deficit, it creates an effect where you look like you have less muscle relative to your body fat… This means you will appear fatter than you actually are.

Glycogen Depletion Rate Compared to Fat Loss Rate

You know how some people claim to have lost 5-10 pounds during their first week of dieting? This is due to a combination of water weight AND glycogen. Water and glycogen bind together in your muscles and are stored there. When you start dieting, this glycogen and water combo gets depleted and your muscle volume plummets.

They may have also lost a few pounds of fat as well, but it ‘looks’ like they have gained fat even though the scale says otherwise.

The mirror can be very deceiving.

Glycogen and Muscle Mass

Your body can only store so much glycogen which means it has a limited amount of glycogen you lose. Your glycogen stores do deplete rapidly while dieting, but do not worry!

As long as you are strength training, you will preserve muscle mass. Ever see someone with an arm in a cast? When the arm is done being in the cast, it is considerably smaller and has lost muscle. Why? Because it wasn’t being used!

So make sure to strength train while dieting. When you are finishing cutting fat and go back to eating a maintenance your muscles will fill back up.

So no worries!!

When you Will Appear Leaner

When your fat loss exceeds the weight you’ve lost in glycogen and water weight, then you will finally start showing the fat loss you’ve achieved.

The first month or so can be a rough patch for a lot of people. Especially if you are basing your success by what you see in the mirror.

Don’t become discouraged!

This is only temporary and after that short visible road block you will start to see for yourself that you have in fact lost fat.

When you are Lean Enough

Listen, you want to look lean and defined even with your muscles depleted. This is a great indicator to know that you have achieved an ideal state. That way, once you go back to eating at maintenance your muscles will fill out, making you look even better!

Wrapping It up

That first month or so of dieting can be rough. Especially because according to the mirror, you may look worse. Don’t lose heart!

Measure your waist and use the scale. These two are a powerful combination for keeping track of fat loss.

You WILL look better visibly, it just takes time for your fat loss to exceed your glycogen/water loss.

Once that happens, the mirror will start to show you what the scales and waist measurements have been telling you. That you have achieved significant fat loss!


Better Utilization of Telemedicine and E-Health Using Video Conferencing

downloadToday technology has advanced by leaps and bounds and so has medical science. The ambit of medical health has gone well beyond just surgeries and administration of drugs to patients. Nowadays, it’s the power of video conferencing which is ruling the roost. Doctors today are making use of video conferencing for interactions regarding telemedicine, research, for providing individual care to patients and a host of other activities.

Meetings which are done using video conferencing greatly decrease the cost issues which arise when using conventional systems which use Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) and Quality of Service (QOS) Systems. They also increase efficiency by utilizing the MCU for connecting multiple video and audio sites to more than one conference in real time leading to better utilization of time. The MCU also supports mixed ISDN as well as IP video conferencing calls.

Use of Video Conferencing in Telemedicine and E-Health

One of the biggest applications of video conferencing happens to be in case of telemedicine and e-health. This is owing to the fact that it greatly helps those patients who live in rural or far off areas and for whom accessing a full-fledged medical facility could be more of an impediment. In such cases, telemedicine and e-health services provide such features to patients which helps them in furnishing their vitals, medical records, recent or old photos among other things.

The other uses of Video Conferencing in Telemedicine and E-Health are as follows:

For Illness Monitoring

This feature is mostly used by the governmental authorities as well as healthcare committees when an epidemic breaks out in order to gauge and mitigate the effects of the outbreak. Real time situational analysis is also done using telemedicine and e-health.

For Disaster Management

The features of telemedicine and e-health come in handy when calamities such as floods and earthquakes strike. During such catastrophes, when proper healthcare cannot be easily accessed, setting up of telemedicine and e-health services rules out the need for healthcare professionals to reach out to the affected areas and thus helps in reducing the costs incurred in the transportation of physicians and medical facilities.

Consultation from a Distance

The program of telemedicine and e-health can be used in providing health services in areas which are yet to open up fully functional medical facilities. This is highly beneficial for rural areas and remote places, where medical organizations are rather hesitant and apprehensive to set up fully functional institutions. In such cases, only an assessment of the medical condition of the patient is provided along with suggestions for professionals.

Taking Second Opinions

Telemedicine programs prove to be highly useful in cases where the patient has been diagnosed with a particular ailment but the doctor would like to take a second opinion from another professional who resides in another area. The patient can also get the reviews of the primary doctor validated from another doctor using video conferencing.

Mentoring Using Video Conferencing

The features of telemedicine and e-health can also be utilized in cases when a medical practitioner is unable to perform the required procedures due to lack of experience or ability. Under such circumstances, another professional can provide the required guidance and help him/her in doing the job at hand as well as provide an in-depth analysis.

Use for medical knowledge and increasing Awareness in Community

Telemedicine and e-health programs can be utilized for spreading awareness among the masses during the outbreak of epidemics without the need for a medical professional to be at ground zero. Video conferencing greatly aids in reaching out to a wide audience at the same time for the dissemination of information and that too, quickly.