download (18)Most people suffering from this form of distress find that they have very poor sleep quality. Sleep is essential to your overall well being and finding that your sleep is lacking or you fall asleep but cannot stay asleep will have a negative impact on you daily. Poor sleep quality comes out in other forms, such as exhaustion, struggle to concentrate and so much more, which only add to the signs and symptoms you are already facing with this form of distress.

Another sign you may not that may have you wondering if you are suffering and need emotional distress psychotherapy is weight fluctuations. Everyone is under the impression that when you are stressed you will lose weight, but this is not the case. In fact, many people suffering with distress find that they can lose weight and they put it on just as easily. Some find comfort in eating, which results in them putting on the pounds and then the next week, they cannot eat and the weight falls off them again.

A very common sign of emotional distress is headaches. Unfortunately this form of distress plays out as overall health issues and experiencing headaches that don’t seem to ease and you suffer with them daily can be a sign of an underlying issue, such as stress. You may also find that even though you exercise regularly, your body aches. The most common aches and pain you will experience due to distress is the shoulders and lower back, though the pain can come through from anywhere. Ensure if you are struggling to sleep, your weight is fluctuating and you are experiencing pain and you know you are stressed that you seek professional help.

You may find that you are experiencing stomach problems from diarrhea to constipation to as far as irritable bowel syndrome. All of these can make you uncomfortable and can leave you feeling more unhappy each day than the distress you are experiencing.

It is very common when suffering from any form of emotional distress that you have a short fuse and this can lead to a bad temper. Some people find that they have mood swings, going from happy to angry within seconds, while others find that they get angry at anything and have a flaring temper until they have started working with an emotional distress psychotherapist who helps them with coping and breathing techniques to keep their emotions and temper under control.

Many emotional distress psychotherapists advise that some people suffering from this form of distress play out in an obsessive behaviour of some kind. This may be checking the front door is locked ten times before going to work to running back home every day to make sure they haven’t left the oven on. Obsessive disorders are exceptionally common in anyone suffering from emotional distress. The good news is that this can be managed with the right care and help.

In addition to this, anyone suffering from emotional distress will find that they are tired all the time, they have no energy, their memory is poor and to top it off, they start losing interest in a social life. They start putting off friends and family to stay home alone


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